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Central Provinces Club Nagpur Ltd.


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In these bye-laws unless there is something in the subject or context inconsistent with

a) “The Club” means the C.P. Club Nagpur Ltd. and includes all the portion within its 4 boundaries

b) “The Committee” means the Executive Committee.

c) “Local Guest” means a person residing any where in Nagpur District.

d) “Management” means the Executive Committee or its nominees.

e) “Administration” means the Executive Committee or its nominees.

f) “Steward” shall include the term Catering Manager.

g) “Member’s Children” Shall mean boys upto the age of 21 and girls upto the time of getting married or becoming independent.

Club Hours:

Unless determined otherwise by the Executive Committee the club shall open at 7.00 a.m. and shall ordinarily close at midnight daily. On payment of late night fees, the club shall close at such hour as the committee may decide from time to time. The closing hours of the Club may be extended on special occasions, with or without late night fees as may be decided by the Executive Committee.

Pets :

No member or guest shall on any account bring any pet into the Club premises.

Musical or other Nuisance:

No member should create any noise or play

gramophone or radio or any musical instrument or behave or conduct himself in any manner in the Club premises which may be improper, indecent or objectionable or which may cause any nuisance or disturbance or annoyance to other members of the club or their guests.

Notice Board :

The Club’s main Notice Board will be placed at a prominent place in premises. Notices on behalf of members may be placed on the Notice Board only with the express permission of the Honorary Secretary and for such periods as he thinks fit. Except such notices no paper or placard or advertisement shall be put on the Notice Board. No publicity poster or placards shall be displayed in the Club premises except with the permission of the Honorary Secretary.

Removal of or Damage to Club Property:

If a member of his guest or his dependent damages, destroys or takes away from the club upon any pretest whatsoever, any article belonging to the Club, he shall be liable to make good such damage or loss and he shall also be liable to pay such further amount by way of penalty as the Executive Committee may determine in each case.


Loss of Member’s Property:

The Club will not be responsible or liable for loss of any article belonging to a member, his guest or dependent. Any article belonging to any person found in the Club premises will be notified on the Notice Board and if unclaimed after due identification, within a month of the date of notice, the same may be disposed of at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Use of the Club Telephone:

A member making use of the Club telephone shall enter his name and the number of Calls made in the book provided for the same at the Reception counter immediately the call is made & sign the same. Local calls shall be charged to the member, at the rates fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time. No member shall be permitted to make Trunk Calls from the club telephone unless he gives a cash deposit or signs a voucher of a sufficient amount to cover the charges therefore.

Signing of Chits:

All the members shall, while signing any voucher for supplies or other service, enter their membership number for correct guidance of the bill section and for avoiding mistakes. Voucher bearing no membership number may not be accepted.

Payment of Special Bills:

In the case of a member arranging a party or holding a function and thereby incurring charges or expenses exceeding Rs. 300/- the management of the club may submit a bill marked “Special” calling upon the member arranging the party or holding the function, to pay the said bill within a week from the presentation to or receipt by the said member, whichever is earlier, and if the payment is not received within 7days, it may stop supplies on credit. In the case of functions entailing a larger outlay the management may ask for the whole amount or part in advance.

Lockers :

Lockers shall be rented to the members as and when available for keeping shoes, clothes, rackets etc. A register of lockers hired to members shall be kept in the office. One key of the locker shall remain with the member and another with the office in a sealed cover. No responsibility will be assumed by the club management for the loss of any articles from the lockers.

Car Parking:

The card shall be parked in the space earmarked for car parking only.

Guests :

1) Subject to restrictions imposed by these Bye-laws, every member may introduce guest to the club. The number of such guests so introduced at any time may be prescribed by the Executive Committee from time to time. No local guest shall remain in the club after midnight except on function nights. However right of admission of any guest is reserved by the Executive Committee.

2) The following persons will not be eligible for being introduced as guests:

i) A person whose candidature for membership of the club has been rejected under Article 7 of the Articles of Association.

ii) A person who has been expelled of suspended from the club membership under Articles 23, 44 or 45 of the Articles of Association.

iii) A member whose name has been Posted on the Notice Board of the club for non-payment of his bills under Articles 23 of the Articles of Association.

iv) A person who has been adjudged insolvent or is found guilty by a competent tribunal of an offence involving in the opinion of Committee moral turpitude or is dismissed from service for such offence.

3) No local person shall be introduced as a guest into the club more than 5 times in a month either by the same or different members. This shall not apply to parities, lunches and dinners provided the guest or guests remain exclusively in that portion of the club where party lunch or dinner is held.

4) Every guest must be accompanied by the introducing member or his wife.

5) Every member shall on introducing a guest enter legibly the full name and full address of such guest as well as his/her name in the guest book kept for the purpose. The member introducing a guest will also sign for such guests in respect of any games played by the guest.

6) If a member introduces into the club a guest who is not eligible for admission under the Bye-laws or contravenes any Bye-law or fails to enter the name of his guest in the Guest Book even when called upon to do so, his privilege to introduce guests into the club may be withdrawn by the Executive Committee for such time as they in their discretion deem fit.

7) A guest shall not sign for games played at the club or order or pay for any drink or meal or other refreshments or sign for the same but the member introducing the guest shall be responsible for everything supplied to and all liabilities incurred by or on behalf of this guest.

8) A member introducing guests in the club shall be charges a guest fee for every guest introduced in the club at the rate as may be decided from time to time.

9) The Committee may from time to time fix the charges payable by members in respect of guests introduced by them on any particular day or days of the week or any specified hours thereof or on any particular occasion or functions.

10) On special occasions the Committee may with advance notice, suspend, alter or modify the guest rules and guest charges for such day and for such hours and for such part of the Club premises, as it may deem fit.

Photographers :

No photographer other than the club’s approved photographers, shall be allowed for any party, function, dinner, lunch etc. unless previous permission has duly been obtained from the Honorary Secretary or in his absence from any member of the Executive Committee.

Conditions of Reciprocity :

1) Permanent members (which will include their wives and unmarried daughters and sons) of either club shall, on presentation of a letter of introduction from the Honorary Secretary be entitled to make use of other clubs as visiting members without payment of subscription for a period not exceeding ten days at a time but not more than thirty days aggregate in a Calender Year. Such visiting members shall sign the Register of the club they are visiting every time they visit

2) Reciprocal members shall pay for supplies and other charges by coupons purchased by them on payment of cash or by signing vouchers, as the reciprocal agreement may specify.

3) Reciprocal members can play games subject to compliance with the rules and bye-laws relating to them, they being treated as visiting members.

4) Visiting members cannot introduce guests to the club.

5) All card accounts by Reciprocal Member must be settled at the table.

6) Members visiting other clubs on reciprocity arrangements will be issued a copy of the introduction letter and an identity card. The letter will be operative for the Calender Year. The responsibility of informing the other club if the membership ceases due to some reason, shall rest on the Parent Club issuing such introductory letters.

Dress :

1) Members or their guests not properly dressed will not be admitted to the club.

2) For all parties, for which whether reservations are made or not it is the duty of the member who is the host on the occasion to see that the invites come to such parties properly dressed.

3) For all purpose, proper dress means Lounge Suit, Dinner or Evening Dress either Western or Indian National Dress or of any country or any recognised style which is usually acceptable in good society. On functions the Management may specify dress to be worn.

4) Sports Dress i.e. shorts will not be allowed in any part of the club except Badminton and Tennis Courts, Swimming Pool, Billiard Room and Verandah.

5) The administration reversers the right of refusing admission to anyone who is not properly dressed.

Parties and Reservations of Verandha, Dining Room etc.

Members of the club are allowed to reserve Lawn, Verandah, Dining Room, Lawns etc. for holding parties on furnishing the following information on the prescribed form:


a) Name in full

b) Purpose or occasion of the party.

c) How many persons will participate including the host.

d) What eatables or drinks are to be served.

e) If the member is going to engage a Band or Orchestra, the name of the Band or Orchestra or any other form of entertainment.

f) The name of the Association / Institution / Company or Body corporate for which the reservation is sought.

g) Whether mike, loudspeaker and lights are required.

h) If the member is applying for a reservation for some relation he should state the relationship.

i) State in whose name the invitation will be issued.

2) A Member may be allowed to reserve the verandah. Dining Room to hold parties or special functions only upon such terms and conditions and subject to such charges that may be fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time. The member applying for the same shall be given permission for holding such parties on specific understanding that he will strictly abide by all of the conditions.

3) An application for reservation may not be entertained by the Honorary Secretary without assigning any reason.

4) All club rules, regulations and bye-laws will be strictly observed and the members holding such a party will be responsible for observance of such rules. In case of any breach, the management will exercise its right to enforce the rules very strictly.

5) All efforts will be made to make supplies for the party as agreed upon. The member giving a party shall sign the memo of supplies and other charges submitted by the Steward at the end of the party before leaving the club premises.

6) Charges for supplies per head as per schedule of supplies or as agreed shall be made for the number of persons booked or actually attended, whichever is higher.

7) No political speech or speeches which may affect the name and reputation of the club shall be made at the parities by any of the person participating in the function.

8) The member booking a party shall deposit an amount equal to the approximate cost of the party if the estimated cost would be over Rs. 300/-

9) No cancellation will be accepted or allowed unless intimation thereof is received 48 hours prior to the date of the function in case of booking for more than 30 persons and 24 hours in case of booking for less than 30 persons and all out of pocket expenses incurred by the club in connection with the party shall stand charged to the member making the reservation.

10) A special bill will be presented for all such parties and payments thereof shall be made within 7 days of presentation.

11) Charges for the use of club Mike, Loudspeaker, Extra Lights etc. will be additional and at the rates decided from time to time.


Dinning Room:

1) The Dining room shall be open:

a) For Breakfast from 8.30 to 10.30 a.m.

b) For Lunch from 12.00 to 3.00 p.m.

c) For Dinner from 8.00 to 11.30 p.m.

2) Lunches and Dinners are served only against orders booked in advance. Latest time of booking lunch is 10.00 a.m. & dinner is 6.00 a.m. Late orders will be accepted subject to availability of material and conveniences.

No special menu will be prepared for late hour booking.

3) Orders for special lunches and dinners must be received at least 24 hours in advance.

4) A-la-carte orders will be accepted between 9.30 a.m. and 10.30 p.m. subject to whatever material is available and also subject to other meals booked.

5) A -la-carte orders will be served in the Card Room, Billiard Room. Swimming Area or Permit room only of permissible items.

6) Members booking any parties lunches or dinner shall do so only and exclusively under their own signature.

7) In case of parties, lunches and dinners shall do so only and exclusively under their own signature.

8) No outside food will be allowed except as a supplement to what has been ordered, else service charge, currently in vogue, will be levied.


1. Charges Rs. 10,000/- per day, the occupation being registered for 24 hours, say, 8 a.m. to 8 a.m. next day. Any Decoration/ Pendal erection and dismantling/removal of material, must be completed within the above period.

2. If occupation of the Lawns is desired earlier/later for th purpose of erection/dismantling Rs. 5,000/- per day shall be charged subject to

availability vacancy of the lawns.

3. The members shall ensure that the lawns are cleaned and all debris, garbage etc. is cleared within the above period and the lawns are vacated in the original condition.

4. The members shall also pay a deposit of Rs. 1,500/- towards Electric Power Consumption, which shall be payable at actual cost to the club.

5. There shall be no restriction to catering and the members shall be at liberty to entrust the catering either to the club caterers or any other caterers.

6. The members shall ensure maintenance of proper discipline and refrain from any action likely to prove objectionable to the neighbours or other members.


1. Charges : Rs. 3,000/-.

2. Capacity : “Woods” will be allowed for use for a maximum of 300 persons. In case the attendance exceeds 300, due to circumstances, attendance upto 350 may be condoned by the Hon. Secretaty/Executive Committee if it is satisfied regarding the circumstances. However, in case the attendance exceeds 350, additional penal charges of Rs. 50/- per head will be recovered from the Caterer/Member for every person above 300.

3. Lighting : No additional lighting will normally be permitted. However, the Hon. Secretary may permit additional lighting and Rs. 1,500/- will be charged for the same apart from the cost providing the lights & fittings, which shall be borne by the members. The additional load shall however not exceed 2 K.W.

4. Music : Orchestra or Band or any other type of loud music is not permitted. However, the Hon. Secretary, on receipt of specific request, may permit use of recorded music or musical programme provided the member ensures that the music shall not be played to loud so as too avoid disturbing the residences near the club. For this the member shall be charges Rs. 1,500/- extra. Such music shall be permitted only upto 11.00 p.m.

5. Catering : Catering only by club Caterers will be permitted.

6. As regards the permissible limits of decoration, lighting, music etc. the decision of Hon. Secretary shall be final


For the Period Small Big Full Hall
07:00 AM to 11:00 AM Rs. 200/- Rs. 300/- Rs. 500/-
12:00 PM to 06:30 PM Rs. 200/- Rs. 300/- Rs. 500/-
07:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight Rs. 200/- Rs. 300/- Rs. 500/-

Admission of Member’s Children :

1) Member’s children between the ages of 2 and 15 years shall be allowed in the area set aside for them from time to time. In any case children shall be accompanied by members or other responsible persons authorised by members.

2) Members shall be liable to pay charges for drinks and refreshments supplied to their children.

3) Member’s children shall be allowed form 7 a.m. to 7.30 a.m. in the place set aside for them, and in the dinning room when dining with their parents and on special occasions they may be permitted to stay longer.

In any case they will not be allowed into the Card room, Billiard room, Library and Permit room.

4) Members shall be responsible for any damage done by their children to any property of the club.

5) Female servants, ayahs and (Chokras under the age of 12) may accompany children but they shall not be served aerated drinks or refreshments.

6) Member’s children shall not be allowed to bring their own guests.

7) Perambulators and push chairs shall not be allowed in the club except with the express permission of the Honorary Secretary.

8) Members who expect their children to make use of the club are required to furnish the office, in writing, the full name, age, date of birth & sex of such children and obtain necessary identity cards for them.

9) Member’s Children unaccompanied by parents, of another member and not holding an identity card, will under no circumstances be admitted to the club.

10) Children will not be allowed on dance evenings after 6.00 p.m. and during club functions when they are not allowed.

11) Member’s unmarried daughters above 15 years of age and sons between 15 years and 21 years of age shall be allowed to enter the club or play games, unaccompanied by the parents, subject to bye-laws provided for the same, provided they are registered as dependents, for which purpose a prescribed form can be obtained from the club office.

12) Member’s non-earning children over 15 years of age, if desirous of singing chits for supplies, shall be allowed to do so only if the are registered as dependents.

13) Registered dependents shall pay an annual registration charge, in one lump sum or or four equal instalments, each in one quarter. The registration charge will be decided by the Executive Committee, from time to time.

14) The Executive Committee may refuse registration of a dependent and/or having granted it may cancel such registration.

15) Registered dependents may remain in the club premises until 9 p.m. but they will maintain decorum and discipline.

16) Registered dependents cannot introduce guests.

17) Their registration will automatically lapse on attainment of 21 years of age in the case of sons, while in the case of daughters it will lapse on marriage or attainment of independence.

Drink Parties

1) Members shall not bring their own drink but will obtain supplies from the club.

2) If some member wishes to bring his liquor he may be permitted to do so provided he seeks prior permission and permission is accorded to him according to A prevalent prohibition rules and subject to such charges as may be decided by the Executive Committee from time to time.

Club Servants :

1) Members shall not directly approach Club servants for any private parties or work.

2) If services of Club servants are required, members may contact the Honorary Secretary giving details of time and hours when services are required.

The Honorary Secretary may release the servants for private work provided he can spare them.

3) The Club servants shall be politely dealt with by members and in case of nay complaint the member shall refer the matter to the Honorary Secretary or the manager.

Complaints & Suggestions:

1) Members grievances, complaints, suggestions can be recorded in a register kept for the purpose.

2) The Honorary Secretary shall scrutinise the complaint register and take such action as he may deem fit. He may write to the member concerned or make a remark against the particular complaint in the register,

3) The register shall be scrutinised by the Executive Committee at its every meeting.


1) The Library shall be managed by a sub-secretary appointed by the Executive Committee.

2) The Library is open to all members (not Tennis and Golf members) and registered dependents.

3) No book shall be retained for more than one week at a time.

4) New books, i.e. such as are less than 6 months in the library, shall be lent in accordance with the dates of application for same.

5) Books shall be returned to the library and not loaned to another person.

6) In case of loss the member will be charged twice the cosy of the book to the Club.

7) Members wishing to have extension of time on a book should return the same and have it re-issued, Such re-issued will not be permitted a second time except after a gap of 7 days.

8) Books not returned on due date will attract a fine of 0.50 paise per dya. If book id not forth-coming within 2 weeks the book will be regarded as lost and the member charged twice the cost thereof in addition to the fine.

9) Magazines, Periodicals, Newspaper etc. are for perusal in the Club only and shall not to taken out of Library. Any default in this behalf will be a cause for disciplinary action as decided by the Executive Committee.

10) Four weeks after the date of issue of certain specified magazines, such magazines may be purchased by members at half the cost with the written consent of the sub-secretary.

11) Any book taken and returned by any member and found to be damaged, will attract a time to be decided by Sub-secreatary/Honorary Secretary.

12) Damage to books, magazines etc. such as tearing of pages, disfiguration etc by any person will render such person liable to pay any penalty that may be decided by the Executive Committee.

13) Strict silence shall be maintained in the library and any person violating this rule shall be subject to such disciplinary action as the Executive Committee may decide. Such violation may be reported by any member to the Manger / Sub-Secretary / Honorary Secretary.

14) On any matter, not covered by these bye-laws the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final and binding.

Club Cottages :

1) Accommodation in the club cottages is primarily for outstation guests of club members and members of reciprocating clubs for bonafide residence.

2) Club Cottages will not be allotted to members for use of their local guests.

3) Allotment of club cottages will be made according to priority of booking.

4) No accommodation can be allotted for a period exceeding 30 days at any one time, but in special cases the period can be extended by 15 days by the Honorary Secretary or longer by the Executive Committee.

5) Before occupying a cottage, occupier shall fill in an occupancy form, detailing time of arrival, period of occupancy, details of persons occupying and such other information as the Executive Committee may decide to have. Such form if not properly filled, shall not be entertained and accommodation not allotted by the Honorary Secretary.

6) The Honorary Secretary may, at his discretion demand the approximate occupancy charges in advance. If such charges are not paid, accommodation may be denied.

7) The cottage tariff may be revised by the Executive Committee from time to time.

8) If a booking has been made and is sought to be cancelled thereafter, the Honorary Secretary may, at his discretion cancel the same, but should such a cancellation entail a loss the club, the member in whose name the reservation had been made, may be charged the full rental.

9) Notice of departure shall be given at the time of booking.

10) Any occupation however short shall be computed as one day.

11) Any occupant or the cottage having any contagious or infectious disease should at once inform the Honorary Secretary. On such information received from the occupant or from any other source, the Honorary Secretary is embowered to remove such persons and take other necessary steps.

12) A person in occupation of the cottages shall be liable to pay for any or all losses and damages during his/her occupancy.

13) No electrical or any other alterations shall be made in the cottages without the express permission of the Honorary Secretary.

14) Service in the cottage except of bed tea and evening tea shall be charged extra as decided from time to time.

15) The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to any property belonging to the occupant, in whatsoever manner it may be caused. In case of loss by any means the same shall be reported to the Honorary Secretary for enquiry into the matter.

16) In the event of a resident being ill, he may be attended to by a registered doctor. The doctor’s report about the nature of the illness should be forwarded to the Club.

17) Residents shall be entitled to receive visitors to their cottages from 8.00 a.m. t 11.30 p.m. Such visitors shall be persons who are received in general society.

18) No resident shall create noise or cause nuisance or disturbance to others. No cooking shall be allowed in the cottage given on short lease.

19) As laid down the Article 3(5) of the Club constitution any member’s guest residing in the club cottages, shall be made a resident member on payment of Rs. 15/- per day. Such membership shall be only f or the duration of the stay at the club cottages and he shall have all the privileges and obligations of a temporary member. Such membership shall be accepted by the Honorary Secretary. Such members will be subject to the existing rules and bye-laws.

20) The Hon. Secretary or his authorised representative shall have access to inspect any cottage under occupation at any time after informing the occupant.

21) Notwithstanding anything contained in any of the bye-laws herein before the right of admission for the use of club cottages is reserved with the club management.

22) Notwithstanding any thing contained in these bye-laws or in any of the rules, regulations or Articles of this club, the relationship between the club and the occupant occupying any cottage shall be that of licensor and licensee for all purposes and in all of 25 respects. The licence to an occupant to occupy any cottage shall be liable to be revoked at any time without notice. The licence to occupy any cottage shall not confer or be deemed to confer any right on the part of the occupant to any exclusive possession thereof and the cottages as well as the rest of the club premises shall always remain and deemed to be in the exclusive possession and control of the club through its Honorary Secretary and its other authorised office bearers.

Badminton :

1) The Badminton Court will be available for play to members, their wives, unmarried daughters and sons upto 21 years of age and their outstation guests. It shall be open for paly on week days from 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. (on Sundays and Public Holidays upto 10.30 a.m.) and 4.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. daily

2) Members inviting outstation guests shall enter their names in a book kept for the purpose. Guests shall not be allowed to play unless accompanied by the member introducing them except with the permission of the Honorary Secretary. Local Guest are not permitted.

3) Member’s children upto 21 years of age shall, subject to the bye-laws be allowed to play only between 4.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. on all days and they may play after 6.00 p.m. if members present unanimously agree to their play. Allotment of shuttles to children shall be at the discretion of the Sub-Secretary.

a) Member’s children shall not introduce any guest.

4) All persons playing shall sign their names in advance in a Register kept for the purpose.

5) When other persons are waiting to play a set of singles one started shall consist of 7 points and a set of doubles with 4 players of 15 points.

6) Marker shall not play with a member if other players are waiting for a games. A member (Which shall include his wife and unmarried daughters and sons upto the age of 21 years) may paly singles with the market if the court is vacant and no person wishing to play is present for which a charge p. per each quarter of an hour or part there of part there of shall be made and for which a chit shall be signed by such playing member mentioning the time for which he has played with maker.

7) Members waiting for a game shall be entitled to play in order of their priority as the court becomes fee. Members shall not, except with mutual consent, play consecutive sets or singles if other persons are waiting to play.

8) Members will have to provide their own Rackets, Shuttle Corks.

9) Only boots and shoes with crape or rubber soles without heels shall be worn while playing Badminton.

10) Use of the small lights only shall be allowed when players are taking rest and when nobody is playing the sport lights shall be switched off.

11) All players shall be in full white clothes.

12) The Executive Committee shall have the power to reserve at their discretion the Badminton court for any purpose or function. AT least 24 hours clear notice of such reservation shall be posted on the Notice Board. However, the Executive Committee shall see that the Badminton players activities are not curtailed in any way unnecessarily. Such reservation shall be with the prior consultation of the Sub-Secretary.

13) The fees for Badminton shall be :

a) Rs. 10/- per month

b) Rs. 1/- daily

c) Rs. 10/- per guest per session

or as decided by the Executive Committee from time to time.

The charges for playing with the marker by a member when any other member is waiting to play shall not be included in the maximum monthly charge for the member.

14) The decision of the Executive Comittee on all questions that may arise shall be final and conclusive.

Billiard Room :

1) Table No.1 shall be available only to members and dependents who qualify through seeding tournaments held from time to time as per clause 1(a) and such guests as are selected to play by the Sub-Secretatry.

a) The Sub-Committee shall hold seeding tournaments from time to time and only the first 32 seeded shall be entitled to play on table No1 or as otherwise decided by the Sub-Committee.

b) The rules for conducting the seeding tournament shall be framed by the Sub-Committee which shall be binding on the participants.

c) Unseeded players can challenge the last 3 players on table No. 2.

Seeded players can challenge on their respective tables upto 3 position higher.

Top seeded on table No 2 can challenge the last three players on table No.1.

Challenge matches shall be fixed at the discretion of the Sub-Committee.

The Challenger shall pay for the games which charges shall be in addition to the total monthly charge on account of Billiards.

2) All other persons entitled to play shall play on table No.2.

3) The Billiard Room shall be open form 10.00 a.m. until 1.00 a.m. subject to late hours charges.

4) All games shall be played by time and table No.1 and No.2 may not be booked for more than 30 minutes and 40 minutes respectively except for tournaments organised by the Club.

The starting and finishing time shall be entered by the marker.

5) Markers will give 5 minutes warning games will finish at the expiry of the period.

6) Any member who is present in the club, and is wanting to play, may secure a table by writing his name or initials on a slate provided for the table. Tables cannot (except for Tournament Matches) be booked in advance for any specified date or hour.

7) When a table becomes disengaged, it becomes available to members whose names are entered on the slate in the order in which their names appear.

8) A member’s name shall be erased from the slate if he is not in the Billiard Room within 2 minutes of the table being available for this game.

In that case it may be claimed by the member whose name is next on the list and so on. The erased name can be re-entered at the end of the list.

9) As soon as a member has secured a table, his name shall be erased from the slate. No members name may appear on the slate while he is actually playing.

10) If a table is disengaged and not required for an ordinary game, it may be reserved for periods of 15 minutes at a time by any member for practicing or knocking the balls about at a charge of 50 p. Starting and finishing time must be entered on the slate. The member is entitled to complete the full period of 15 minutes when he has once started even though other members may subsequently require the table.

11) Any member playing with his guest must pay for the guest at the rates stipulated.

12) A member shall not play with the Marker if any member is present and wishes to play but he is entitled to play the full period if he has already begun his game with the Marker though other members may require the table.

13) The charges for playing shall be as under or as decided by the Executive Committee from time to time.

a) Rs. 100/- per month

b) Rs. 10/- for a game of billiards of a duration of 30 minutes on table No.1.

14) Any member or his guest cutting a Billiard table cloth or otherwise damaging the fitting of the Billiard room shall be charged such sum as the Executive Committee may consider fair and necessary.

15) Lighted cigars or cigarettes, etc. eatables or drinks and glasses shall on no account be placed anywhere on the Billiard Tables. Any member violating this rule will be liable to a charge of Rs. 100/- for each such offence. No person shall play or attempt to play with a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe or bidi.

16) Sitting or lying on the table is strictly prohibited.

17) The Committee shall have power to reserve the Billiards Tables for any Tournament or Match play at any time by placing information to the effect on the Notice Board.

18) The Executive Committee shall have the power to exclude from the Billiards Room a member whose conduct is not in consonance with these bye-laws for any period not exceeding three months.

19) Any game in progress will have to be closed at the closing time and full charge be made for the same.

20) No children under 15 years of age are permitted in the Billiard room.

21) Member’s dependent children can play on table No.2 upto 9.00 p.m. only. No dependent can start a fresh game if a member is waiting to play on the table. They will be required to leave the room at 9.00 p.m.

22) Catering in the Billiard room will be restricted to specified snacks only.

23) All decisions of the Executive Committee in regard to Billiard room shall final and conclusive.

Card Room:

1) The term CARD ROOM shall include all such portions of the club where arrangements for the time being be made for the playing of card games & theses bye-laws shall be applicable thereto.

2) Card room will be open from 11.00 a.m. until the club closing hours.

3) A member may introduce guests subject to the rules for the introduction of guests for the time being in force by entering the name of this guest in a book kept for the purpose. Local Guests are not permitted.

4) A member introducing guests in the Card room shall be responsible for all liabilities incurred by such guests.

a) All card players will be charged a fee of Rs.5/- per day subject to a maximum of Rs.40/- per month or as the Executive Committee may decide from time to time. Outstation Guests shall be charged Rs. 10/- per day, per guest.

b) The club will not supply the cards.

5) On taking his seat at the table every member shall enter his name and the name of any guest introduced by him to the card room in the attendance book kept for the purpose. For the convenience of the members the card room attendant will take the attendance book around for their signatures but in case the book is for any reason, not presented to any member it shall be the duty of such member to sign the same before leaving the Card Room.

6) Play of card games other than Bridge and Rummy and poker shall not be allowed.

7) Every member whether actually playing or not shall conduct himself so as not to annoy or disturb other members in the Card room. On a breach of this bye-laws he shall be duly warned and on a repetition of the offence he will be reported to the Executive Committee for action.

8) Members playing card games including Bridge, will do so at their own risk.

Golf Bye-Laws:

1) Members, their wives, unmarried daughters and sons from 15 years of age to 21 years and member’s guests, shall be able to play golf.

2) Golf course will be available for play every evening and in the morning by special arrangement.

3) Permanent Ordinary member shall pay a monthly charge to Rs. 10/- for golf while golf members shall pay Rs. ______ /- per month.

4) Guests charge shall be Rs. _____/- per day.

Swimming Pool Bye-laws:

1) The word ‘Pool’ in these bye-laws shall be taken to mean any and all parts of swimming pool area, including the pool itself, its premises and the lawns and garden surrounding it.

2) The hours of opening and closing of the pool will be fixed from time to time and no person shall be permitted to enter it at any other time.

3) The pool will be available for use by members (which term includes members’ wives sons upto the age of 21 years, and unmarried daughters till such time as they become independent) at all times during the hours fixed for its opening and closing but children will be permitted to enter it only during certain specified hours which may be notified and altered from time to time by the swimming pool sub-committee.

a) Children under the age of 3 years are not permitted.

b) Children between the ages of 3 and 7 years shall not be permitted in the pool unless accompanied by their parents or by another member who shall be responsible for their conduct and safety.

c) Children between the ages of 7 and 21 years shall be permitted unaccompanied in the pool provided that their parents notify in writing to the club the name of the child or names of children over the age 7 years who would make use of the swimming pool and guarantee to pay the fees prescribed, provided such children enter their names in the book kept at the pool.

d) Children shall have to produce identity cards whenever called upon to do so, failing which they will not be permitted in the pool area.

4) Local guests are not permitted in the pool area.

5) All persons making use of the pool area shall do so at their own risk and responsibility and members shall be responsible for the conduct and safety of their children and the club shall in no way whatever be responsible or liable for the conduct or safety of children whilst making use of the pool.

6) Servants or children’s bearers will not be allowed to enter the swimming pool area.

7) Every person, before entering the pool shall sign a register kept for the purpose every time be enter the pool. Outstation guests with details of name and address shall be recorded in the same register.

8) Persons. suffering from any skin or infectious or contagious disease or would will not be permitted to use the pool.

9) No person will be permitted to enter the pool without first having taken a “Shower”.

10) Every person shall scrupulously follow and abide by the rules of hygiene and pool maintenance laid down as follows, or amended or,

altered from time to time.

Every person shall-

a) have a good shower with soap.

b) wear a proper costume which is washed and clean.

c) wear a cap, in the case of ladies and gents, such as have their hair reaching upto the ear lobes.

f) not spit or discharge water into the pool.

g) not throw anything in the pool.

h) not take any eats or drinks into the pool.

i) not walk on the pool parapet with shoes.

j) not disturb other swimmers.

11) Disregard of these rules shall attract disciplinary action or fine as may be decided by the Sub-Secretary /Hon. Secretary from time to time .

12) Charges

The following are the rate of charges for members, children and guests:

1. Members and children : Rs. 100/- p.m. Rs 10/- per dip.

2. Guests (out station only) Rs 20/- per dip, These charges can be revised from time to time.

13) Service in the swimming pool area will be of specified items only.

14) The decisions of the Executive Committee on all matters arising from theses bye-laws shall be final.

Table Tennis:

1) Only members, their wives, unmarried daughters and sons below 21 years of age and their guests shall be entitled to pay on the Table Tennis tables.

2) Member’s children as above will be permitted to make use of the tables on such days and at such hours and for such period as the Table Tennis Sub-Secretaty may from time to time decide.

3) Tables will be available at such hours as the Table Tennis Sub-Secretaty, may decide from time to time.

4) All members and in case of children their parents must sign in the book maintained for the purpose before each session.

5) For the purpose of regulating order of play, there shall be maintained a Roster in such form as the Table Tennis Sub-Secretary, may from time to time prescribe. Possession of the table shall ordinarily be order of names in the Roster and when a table falls vacant, the players whose names are next on the Roster shall be entitled to play. Only after finishing his game can a member put his name down for the next game. Players must vacate the table after each game is over to enable the other present to know that the game is finished.

6) The possession of a table is for a game of 21 points only, whether Singles, Doubles or Mixed are played and short game be played particularly it be played particularly it other members are waiting to play.

7) A member cannot pass on his right to play on the table to another member. It he is absent when his turn comes, his name will be cancelled. In case a member leaves his game unfinished, the member whose turn stands next will finish the game if he so desires. But the choice of continuing the same game or commencing a fresh game will rest with the member remaining on the table.

8) Members will have to bring their own Table Tennis Bats and Balls.

9) The Executive Committee shall have the power to reserve, at the discretion etc. the Table Tennis tables for any purpose or function.

10) The decision of the E.C. shall be final in all matters arising from these bye-laws.


1) The Tennis Court will be available for play to members, their wives and children upto 21 years of age and their guests and tennis members. It shall be open for play from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. until light permits.

2) Members inviting guests shall enter their names in a book kept for the purpose. Guests shall not be allowed to play unless accompanied by the members introducing them. Except with the permission of the Honorary Secretary, the same person (a resident of Nagpur) may not be invited as a guest more than five times a month.

3) All persons playing shall sing their name in a register kept for the purpose, before commencement of the game.

4) Short sets only may be played when other players are waiting. Singles shall not be allowed if two ro more players are waiting but a set once stated may be completed and shall consist of the best of seven games.

5) Members waiting for a game shall be entitled to play in order of their priority as the courts becomes free, members shall not, except with mutual consent play consecutive sets or singles if other person are waiting to play.

6) Members will have to provide their own rackets. Tennis balls will be supplied by the club upto the number decided by the Executive Committee. Members will, however, be permitted to purchase tennis balls at a price which may be fixed by the Executive Committee from time to time.

7) Beginners shall be allowed to play on court No. 3 and shall be supplied used balls or as decided by the Sub-Secretary. Coaching shall be on court No.4.

8) Coaching time shall be 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. A seperate register shall be maintained for noting priorities. Duration of coaching shall be 15 minutes each time . The Tennis Sub-Committee or Marker will decide whether a member is a beginner or not.

c) Any member present and wishing to play, may secure a court by writing his name in the register kept for the purpose

d) When a court becomes free it becomes available to members whose names are entered in the register in the order in which their names appear.

e) A member’s name may be scored out if he is not at he court within 2 minutes of the court being available. In such a case it may be claimed by the member next on the list and so on. The name scored out can be re-entered at the end of the list.

f) As soon as member has secured a court his name shall be scored off from the register. No member’s name may appear on the register while he is actually playing.

9) Only boots & shoes of crepe or rubber soles without heels shall be worn while playing tennis.

10) The Managing Committee shall have the power to reserve at their discretion the tennis court for any purpose or function. At least two clear days notice shall be given to such reservation.

11) The fees for Tennis shall be as under or as decided by the Executive Committee.

Fees of Tennis Members shall be as under:

Deposit : Rs. 500/-

Per month subscription : Rs. 95/- 

Per month playing : Rs. 325/- 

Per month coaching : Rs. 170/- 

Development : Rs. 200/- 

Guest charge per day : Rs. 30/- 

Flood light per hour : Rs. 60/- 

Club Members :

Playing : Rs. 125/- p.m. 

Coaching : Rs. 125/- p.m. 


1. Theses rules shall be called ” Health Club Rules”.

2. Theses rules shall come into force with immediate effect.

3. In these rules unless the context otherwise requires :

a) The ‘Club’ means the C .P. Club (Nagpur) Limited and includes all the portion within its four boundaries.

b) ‘Health Club’ means Health Club owned and run by C. P. Club (Nagpur) Limited.

c) ‘Member’ means Patron Member, Life Member, Permanent Ordinary Member, Temporary Member, Lady Member and Honorary Member and Nominees of Corporate Members of the C. P. Club (Nagpur) Ltd. as defined in Article 3 of ‘Articles of Association’ of the Club.

d) The ‘Committee’ means the Executive Committee of the C. P. Club (Nagpur) Limited.

e) ‘Local Guest’ means a person residing anywhere in Nagpur District.

f) ‘Management’ means Executive Committee or its nominees.

4 – a) Entry to the Health Club shall be limited to member and their registered dependents only.

b) Member/ Dependents desiring to use the Health Club facilities shall fill in the prescribed form available from the Club Office/ Main Reception Counter and submit to the Manger, Health Club, along with two copies of Passport size Photographs and the cheque for the relevant fees or debit intimation. All fees are payable in advance. The form shall be countersigned by the Member’s Physician who should be a Registered Medical Practitioner.

5. No person or a member of the Health Club suffering from any skin infection or contagious disease shall be permitted to use the Health Club or any equipment of the Health Club.

6. Per suffering from heart disease, blood pressure etc. must consult their Physician before using Sauna or Steam bath. The Club will not be responsible for any causality.

7. After scrutiny of the Form a Health Club Card will be issued to the member or his dependents and the entry to the Health Club shall be strictly on presentation of this Health Club Card.

8. No local guests shall be permitted in the Health Club.

9. No food or beverages shall be permitted to be brought in the Health Club Premises.

10. Bearers, Ayahs, Drivers or Servants are not permitted in the Health Club premises under any circumstances.

11. No pets shall be allowed in the Health Club premises.

12. Members/Dependents shall strictly follow the guidelines given by the Health Club Instructors.

13. Smoking inside the Health Club premises is strictly prohibited.

14. Science shall be maintained at all costs.

15. Members/ Dependents will use the appliances very carefully and keep the same in their proper place after use.

16. Charges of Health Club:

                   Gents LadiesCouple

Yearly 1200 800 1800

1/2 Yearly 700 500 1000

Quarterly 400 300 600

Monthly 200 150 300

Daily 25/- per person

Guest 40/- per person

Massage 40/- per person


Procedure for issuing ‘Proposal Form’ for membership.

1. Any person wanting to join the Club as a Member shall be proposed and seconded as per the constitution of the Club. The person shall put up a formal application duly proposed and seconded along with his complete bio-data.

2. On receipt of the application and the bio-data, the Executive Committee Members shall scrutinise the application and the bio-data of the person & decide if the status and qualifications of the person justifies his enrolment as a member of the club and accordingly the ‘Proposal Form’ should either be issued to the person or refused.

3. When the name of such application comes up before the Executive Committee for Election, the following procedure should be followed in the event of his nomination not being unanimous :

i) If the nomination is put to vote by ballot, the chairman shall open the ballot box himself and if the finds that objection has been made in the secret ballot, he shall adjourn the meeting without declaring the result of the election.

ii) Before adjourning the meeting he should inform the Executive Committee members present that one or some of the members of the Executive Committee have objection to the election of some particular candidate & state to the Executive Committee that if anybody has any objection in respect of any of the candidates whose name were on the table for election, the Executive Committee member concerned contact the Chairman or the Secretary within 3 days requesting for a meeting in camera with the Chairman and the Secretary.

iii) If no such request is received either by the Chairman or the Secretary within the said period, it is to be assumed that the objection which was voted by one of the Executive Committee Members in nullified and at the next Executive Committee meeting the names of the candidates for enrollment should be again placed and unanimously elected. In the second meeting balloting for the candidates should be disallowed by the Chairman.

iv) In the event of any of the Executive Committee Members seeking audience of the Chairman/Secretary in private, the particular Executive Members shall disclose their reason for raising objection in respect of any particular candidate. The Chairman of the Club shall have full authority to decide whether the objection raised by the Executive Committee Member is genuine or personal or indicates bias.

v) If the Chairman feels that the objetion is genuine and of such nature that it will be detrimental for the Club to have the candidate as a member, his application should be considered rejected. In other words the decision indicated in the previous Executive Committee meeting should be upheld.

vi) If however, in the opinion of the Chairman, the reason stated by the Executive Committee Member are either partial, personal or biased, he should inform the Executive Committee Members that his reasons are not acceptable to him and at the next meeting without mentioning the name of the Executive Committee Member he will inform the committee that the objection which was raised in respect of one or more candidates is over ruled and that the persons are elected unanimously. No further discussions in such matters should be allowed by the Chairman.